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Support free, online human rights education nationwide
The Living the Legacy Financial Campaign

Human rights education, now more than ever.

One look at today’s headlines and it’s clear that America’s founding values you hold dear are under attack. From growing racial intolerance to vandalism of religious sites, the darker elements of our society have been emboldened. But you can do something about it.

A rare resource for teachers and kids.

At the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, we know educating children about human rights is the key to lasting social change. As one of the few sources for age-appropriate K-12 curricula for human rights educational content in America, our work is truly irreplaceable. For 21 years we’ve helped educate hundreds of thousands of Idaho students in human rights through professionally developed lesson plans, teacher training, online resources and personal presentations.

Coming to a school near you.

In 2017, we’re making our groundbreaking educational content available online, free to teachers, students and parents anywhere in the U.S. We know this is the right thing to do, but it can only be sustained with contributions from people like you.

Help us sustain this fight for generations.

Your support is critical. Most states neither fund nor require the study of human rights for graduation. Help ensure every child in every state can have the human rights education they so desperately need and deserve.
Please give today!

“By connecting students of different cultures through shared experiences and the opportunity to develop and implement community projects designed to enhance human rights in their respective school communities, the Center’s education programs begin the process of personalizing the world for students. ‘The other’ suddenly has a name, a face, hopes, dreams, concerns and challenges that are, perhaps, not so different than our own. Once that happens, students move beyond tolerance to community.”

Know a school that needs our curricula?
If there’s a teacher or school in your area that would like our free human rights curricula, please contact Wassmuth Center Executive Director Dan Prinzing, Ph.D., today at 208-345-0304.

Bobbie Shea

Bishop Kelly High School,
Boise, Idaho