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    30 Days of Compassion

    30 Days of Compassion

    30 Days of Compassion is an educational program that can be completed entirely online by individuals or in a classroom or club setting with collaboration encouraged.  The goal of the program is to challenge middle and high school students to acquire a deep understanding of compassion and how they can integrate compassionate actions into their daily routines.

    Students can look forward to exploring videos, articles, poems, biographies, and songs that will comprehensively explore each program theme.  Students will respond to the modules through guided reflections, journal entries, social media posts, and classroom discussions.  The program culminates with a creative final project.

    Once students have completed the 30 days of activities, they will be asked to express what they have learned from the program through a creative final project. The project can be a comic, poem, short story, public service announcement, or a self-designed creation.  The final project encourages students to explore their learning experience in an in-depth way while tapping their unique skills, strengths, and creative interests.

    Students will receive a certificate of completion and a set of program stickers upon submission of their final project.

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