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    Human Rights Art and Writing Awards Program

    “I am invested in illustrating the possible.”

    ~Theaster Gates

    Thank you to the students and teachers from across the state who participated in the 23rd annual Wassmuth Human Rights Art and Writing Awards Program. Students creatively responded to Article 26 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: the Right to Education. Through sculpture, painting, ink drawing, collage, video, and poetry, artists explored the meaning of education and ways to promote and protect this right. 


    Artists from Boise Open Collective Studios Organization (BOSCO) juried the students’ artwork. The students’ poetry was juried by writers from the Cabin, Boise State University, Rediscovered Books, and Boise City Department of Arts and History. Seventy-eight students were selected to be honored at the Wassmuth Celebration of Education on May 4, 2023. Each of these students received a contribution to their postsecondary education savings plan from IDeal – Idaho’s College Savings Program


    Information coming soon about the 24th Annual K-12 Wassmuth Human Rights Art and Writing Awards Program . . .