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    The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights presents

    UNIVERSAL AND TIMELESS: A Virtual Concert for Idaho Human Rights Day

    Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
    Monday January 17th, 2022
    Featuring classics from the 1960’s and 70’s performed by local Idaho musicians:
    Blaze and Kelly | Belinda Bowler | Cherie Buckner-Webb | Ben Burdick Nicole Christensen | Patricia Daley | Steve Eaton | Leta Harris Neustaedter Shon Sanders & the Four Penny Peep Show | Wade Short | The Solitary Band
    With special remarks by:
    Mayor Lauren McLean
    Reverend Dr. Nancy S. Taylor
    Phillip Thompson
    Also featuring an AUCTION/RAFFLE of local music and art!
    This event is sponsored by Amazon.
    Wassmuth Center for Human Rights Gorundbreaking

    We Are Everywhere.

    The December 2020 defacement of the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial with symbols of hate and intolerance were coupled with a threat – “we are everywhere.”  Identical stickers have been found at other locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We know that evil lurks.

    It lurks in closed minds and hollow hearts that chase conspiracies.  It lurks in those who view difference as inferior.  It lurks in those who claim privilege as a birthright and fail to recognize how the rights of others are trampled.  It lurks in those who craft a national narrative that denies truth – a narrative of self-preservation rather than inclusion.

    While in hiding from the evil that roamed the streets below, Anne Frank penned that “a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.”

    A single candle.

    Countering that December threat, the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights proclaimed that “We Are Everywhere.”  Partnering with Healthwise and the Downtown Business Association, the tagline now appears on billboards, yard signs and banners throughout Idaho.

    We Are Everywhere” reminds us that people of goodwill, that people who believe in compassion, equality, justice, love, respect and kindness are, in fact, everywhere.

    However, we know that there are those in the community who have not felt the love and kindness, that for some, equality and justice seem more aspirational than attainable.  We remember that, though words of hope echoed on the pages of her diary, Anne Frank died at the hands of evil.

    Hatred exists – but so does love.

    While love, compassion and justice are not everywhere, as I drive through town and see a yard sign, I know it is there – in that house, that neighborhood.  Each yard sign positioned as a single candle defying the darkness.

    Etched in the stone of the Memorial, Albert Einstein acknowledged “The world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

    Yes, “We Are Everywhere” in homes, neighborhoods and businesses throughout Idaho and we’re proclaiming more than the words on a yard sign, we’re standing as bulwarks against prejudice and bigotry.  We’re standing against hate.

    Wassmuth Education Center Campaign
    ABCs of Social Justice



    Memorial Poster

    Designed by Boise graphic artist Stephanie Inman.

    Support the work of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights with an online $10 purchase.

    Anne Frank Memorial Poster

    18” x 24” poster


    Show your support with a We Are Everywhere yard sign.

    Available at the Wassmuth Center Offices.

    Come grab yours today, and show, we are everywhere with

    Love, Justice, Respect, Equality, Kindness and Compassion!

    Welcome progress has been made since the late Bill Wassmuth first stood up to bigotry and hatred in northern Idaho.
    But the need for human rights education grows with every new generation of Idaho children.
    Today’s headlines only remind us there’s much more to be done.
    human rights education

    Activity and Events

    Events are a great way to enjoy a time with community friends and neighbors.

    Join us for one of our upcoming events, co-host an event with the Center, or even schedule a tour of the Memorial for your company or civic group.

    Get Involved

    Find out how you can take part in our efforts to provide human rights education opportunities in Idaho and beyond.

    There are many ways to get involved with the Center – volunteer, donate, attend an event, and participate in a program.

    Building Our Future

    We are at a critical crossroads in our history, and the demand for our services has never been higher.

    Our planned one-of-a-kind comprehensive human rights education center next to the only Anne Frank Memorial in the United States will give us a greater opportunity to make a profound impact through the keystone of our outreach efforts: education.

    Human Rights Certification

    For the individual, certification is formal recognition of a specific skill set that focuses on human rights and human dignity.  For a business or organization, having employees or members who have earned certification is evidence that value statements are backed by knowledgeable, thoughtful, and meaningful commitments.

    voices of idaho podcast

    Voices of Idaho Podcast

    Hosted by Dan Prinzing with Adam Thompson, tune in and join the conversation with members of our Idaho human rights community. Season One episodes are personal journeys shared to further define the Spiral of Injustice.

    Podcast also available on Spotify.


    Upstander C.A.R.E. Awards

    The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights welcomes applications for its annual Upstander C.A.R.E. (Compassion, Acceptance, Respect, Empathy) Awards. Each year Idaho graduating high school students are honored with scholarships up to $3,000 for taking action to create positive change in their communities.

    Spiral of Injustice

    Designed by Idaho metal-artist Ken McCall, “The Other” recognizes the devolution of humanity when injustice targets and demeans members of the community.


    “Art Is a Call to Action” – BSU Public Radio

    Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

    Located in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho, experience what a memorial to human rights brings to the community.

    Designed and constructed by the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights, the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial stands as a globally shared icon in the promotion and protection of human rights.

    To learn more about the Memorial, schedule a tour or take a virtual one.

    Marilyn Shuler Classroom

    Honoring the state’s first director of the Idaho Human Rights Commission, the Classroom showcases the “History of Human Rights in Idaho” with videos and an interactive timeline.