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    Dr. Marilyn Howard Summer Institute for Idaho Educators

    About Dr. Marilyn Howard

    Marilyn Howard

    Education propelled Marilyn Howard from Mackay to head of the class in Idaho’s education system. She points to two core pillars that supported her: reading and social responsibility.

    “I was known as a ‘reading person,’ that was my calling card,” Howard said. “I was taught to believe you had to be smart, but also be good. Understand your civic responsibility and be a good community member.”

    Howard, retired after two terms as Idaho superintendent of public instruction (1999-2007) and a stint with the U.S. Department of Education, and served on multiple boards. Two — Garden City’s Learning Lab and Boise’s Wassmuth Center for Human Rights — speak to her core pillars.

    (From Here We Have Idaho, Spring 2019)

    2022 Dr. Marilyn Howard Summer Institute for Idaho Educators

    Theme: The Face and Voice of Human Rights in the Classroom

    Be inspired this summer!  Participate in the Center’s annual Summer Institute for Idaho Educators.  The HYBRID institute will gather a community of educators from across the state, from across the disciplines, and from across the grade levels for an exciting exploration of human rights, social justice, and civic responsibility.  The 2022 institute includes one day in-person (June 21) and continues online with a self-paced series of modules.

    Spend a day with colleagues experiencing the teaching and learning opportunities of Narrative 4.  Educators need flexible, adaptable, and exciting classroom resources that develop students’ capacity for active listening, increased levels of empathy, and peer-to-peer education. Narrative 4 provides clear and easily applied models for project-based experiential learning that work anywhere, whether it be online or in a traditional classroom setting.

    Then continue the learning with your colleagues as you access a new course developed for and by Idaho educators on the Wassmuth Center’s Online Classroom – “A Climate and Culture of Human Rights.”

    In the process, participants will gain skills and comfort in making interdisciplinary connections, fostering critical thinking, initiating crucial conversations, and developing lesson ideas that can immediately be put to use in the classroom.

    The Summer Institute begins on June 21, 2022!

    Participants will gather from 10:00am to 4:00pm on the 17th floor of Zions Bank at 8th & Main in downtown Boise. (Lunch provided)

    $20 registration fee.

    Limited to 45 participants; pre-registration required.

    Optional one continuing education credit available from Boise State University.

    “My experience with the Wassmuth Center has been incredible.  Attending workshops and taking field trips to the Anne Frank Memorial has increased my knowledge of the Holocaust and human rights. It has also connected me with both new resources to use in my classroom and with many educators throughout Idaho who share the same passion for human rights education. This has had a direct impact in my classroom and on my students.”

    – Devon Barker Hicks, Meadows Valley School District