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    Human Rights for Young Listeners

    “An education capable of saving humanity is no small undertaking; it involves … the preparation of young people to understand the times in which they live.”

    Maria Montessori, Education and Peace

    Welcome, young listeners!

    Summer Reading Program (ages 4-8)

    The Summer Reading Program is designed to introduce children to core concepts in human rights (diversity, inclusion, dignity, respect, kindness, empathy, etc.) through stories, art, movement activities, journal drawing and writing, and language stimulation.  Gaining an understanding of the vocabulary word “upstander,” participants practice being upstanders through active engagement in the stories read and in the hands-on activities shared.

    Participation is FREE and on a first come, first served basis. Past participants receive early registration priority.

    Summer 2022 registration information coming soon!

    Learning about human rights is not just for teens and adults!

    Human Rights for Young Listeners carefully selects books for the Summer Reading Program that introduce children to core concepts in human rights in order to enable them to understand how they should be treated, how they should treat others, and inspire them to be upstanders!

    Can’t join us in person?

    Listen to some of the stories HERE!

    I Am Human – A Book of Empathy

    By Susan Verde

    Art by Peter H. Reynolds

    Read by Philip Thompson

    Somos Como Los Nubes
    We Are Like the Clouds

    Written by Jorge Argueta

    Illustrated by Alfonso Ruano

    Summer Reading Program 2021:
    The Nature of Human Rights

    featuring The Butterfly Project

    About The Butterfly Project

    The Butterfly Project is a call to action through education, the arts and memorial making. It uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate about the dangers of hatred and bigotry and cultivates empathy and social responsibility. Participants paint ceramic butterflies that are permanently displayed as symbols of resilience and hope, with the goal of creating 1.5 million butterflies around the world—one for each child who perished in the Holocaust, and honoring the survivors.

    “Tonight, four-year-old, Holden was trying to fall asleep and he called me into his room. He said, ‘Mama, what’s an action?’ I explained that it was something you do and gave a couple examples. He replied with, ‘Well, I need to know the actions to be an upstander.’ We spent a few minutes talking about what actions an upstander might use. I can’t tell you how much I love that these are the thoughts that he’s falling asleep to. Thank you!”

    Stephanie Van Orsow

    “Human Rights for Young Listeners” and the “Summer Reading Program” are made possible with support from Together Treasure Valley.