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    Wassmuth Center Staff


    – DR. SEUSS

    Christina Bruce-Bennion
    Executive Director

    Phone: office 208.345.0304; direct line 208.506.2386

    Christina Bruce-Bennion joined the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights as Executive Director in November 2022.   Prior to joining the Wassmuth Center, Christina worked in various leadership capacities in refugee resettlement in the Valley for over 24 years, taught at BSU, led and participated in various multi-sector collaborations, and has served on various boards.  She received her BA in Political science from Willamette University and her master’s in education from Boston University.  She is originally from Fairbanks Alaska but has lived in the Treasure Valley for 25 years with her husband Paul and three kids.

    Debbie Sager
    Finance & Operations Manager


    Phone: office 208.345.0304; direct line 208.506.2372

    Debbie has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Minor in Business and comes to the WCHR having spent 20 years in bookkeeping and accounting. Throughout her career, Debbie has gained valuable experience in fundraising, event planning and working with volunteers. Joining Center staff in 2014, Debbie provides technical support to the Center related to financial accounting, member communication, event planning, fundraising, database and website management.

    Deb Shakespeare 2022
    Matthew Post
    Administrative Assistant and Visitor Services 

    Phone: office 208.345.0304, direct line 208.506.2384

    Matthew is a lifelong resident of Idaho. They feel a deep responsibility to create a community that welcomes and values everyone. Matthew has spent most of their career in the social justice realm. Their professional and volunteer experience includes the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws in employment, housing, education, and places of public accommodation, as well as suicide prevention, fair housing advocacy, and domestic violence prevention. In their free time, Matthew enjoys making memories with family and friends, including their partner Byron and their miniature Australian Shepherd, Skadi Jo.

    Jess Westhoff
    Education Programs Manager

    Phone: office 208.345.0304, direct line 208.506.2385

    Jess Westhoff is an educator committed to co-creating inclusive and joyful spaces for people to share their stories, imagine new possibilities together, and join in partnership to build a community where we all belong and thrive. With a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and English from the University of Idaho and a Master of Arts in Education from Stanford University, Jess has more than twenty years of experience teaching students of all ages. Jess began her career as a high school language arts teacher and later had the opportunity to teach social studies to middle school students. Now Jess serves as the Education Programs Manager for the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights where she designs and directs human rights education programs for learners of all ages. Beyond her professional pursuits, Jess finds solace and inspiration hiking in the Boise foothills with her family, running along the Greenbelt, and reading great books.

    Susie Schuetz
    Education Programs Specialist

    Phone: office 208.345.0304, direct line 208.506.2387

    Susie is an education programs specialist dedicated to empowering adult learners with essential information on human rights. With a passion for fostering understanding and advocacy, she tirelessly works to equip individuals with the knowledge they need to make a positive impact in their communities. Beyond her professional endeavors, Susie finds joy in various activities. She is an avid animal lover, finding solace and connection through her interactions with furry friends. Additionally, she enjoys the exhilaration of running, finding both physical and mental strength through each stride. A voracious reader, Susie can often be found immersed in the pages of a book, exploring new worlds and perspectives. Committed to giving back, Susie is an active volunteer in her community, dedicating her time and energy to causes that align with her values. Whether it’s supporting local shelters or participating in educational initiatives, she believes in the power of collective action to drive positive change. Driven by a deep sense of purpose and compassion, Susie embodies a spirit of lifelong learning and service, inspiring those around her to embrace empathy, knowledge, and action in pursuit of a more just and equitable world.
    Calley Sunderman
    Education Programs Specialist


    Phone: office 208.345.0304, direct line 208.506.2371

    Calley Sunderman is a passionate learner and dedicated teacher, finding endless inspiration in the boundless curiosity of youth. Specializing in environmental education, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Resources from Arizona State University, where she was also committed to resilience and joy as a member of the Track and Cross Country teams. Calley is deeply committed to building communities through her involvement, advocacy, and partnerships, and works towards connections and collaborations. Her teaching extends beyond the classroom, encompassing and sharing a love for the outdoors. Calley, along with her husband and son, enjoys exploring new places, fostering a sense of adventure and discovery.

    Bavani Sathasivam
    Outreach & Development Specialist


    Phone: office 208.345.0304; direct line 208.506.2388

    Bavani is a former Mathematics educator and lifelong advocate for diversity and inclusion. She strongly believes that the end of education is character, and this begins in the classroom and community. With her experiences living in Singapore, New Zealand, and now, Boise, Bavani has a natural awareness of and sensitivity to culturally diverse backgrounds. Her gifts and passion lie in volunteering, event management, and bringing people together. Bavani hopes to leave this world a kinder place than she found it.

    Dan Prinzing, Ph.D.
    Capital Campaign/Construction


    Dr. Prinzing has a BA in History Secondary Education, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, an MA in History and Government, and a Ph.D. in Educational Administration. Prior to joining Center staff in 2007, he was the Idaho State Department of Education’s coordinator of civic and international education, the former SDE coordinator of social studies and curricular materials, and a language arts and history teacher in the Boise School District.

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