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    Spiral of Injustice – Words Have Weight

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    The “Spiral of Injustice – Words Have Weight.”

    The Spiral of Injustice

    The Spiral of Injustice presents a downward spiral to explore injustice through the devolving sequence of language, avoidance, discrimination, violence, and elimination.  As an instrument, the Spiral counters static images of injustice to present the fluidity and/or the internal and external motions of a community in which injustice becomes publicly apparent.

    It serves to both identity and frame discussion of injustice in our society.  The expectation is that injustice is readily recognized and addressed.  In particular, the model illustrates the power of language and why words matter.  The first stage of the Spiral is language – when words are used as a weapons – which signifies a devolution within society, potentially culminating in elimination. Since the later stages of the Spiral are much more difficult to interrupt, it demonstrates the efficacy of addressing injustice at the earliest stage.

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